An average job seeker in Nairobi sends or drops at least 20 copies of their cv before they land a single interview, while one of their ‘lucky’ friends lands an interview a week after dropping his/her cv at two places.   This appears normal especially in Kenya, but it shouldn’t be the case. Why do I say this?

The most probable reason you do not get invited for an interview has nothing to do with your qualifications or luck but has everything to do with the way your application was presented.

Here are three major reasons why you do not receive that text, email or call for an interview.

  1. Missing cover letter

A single job vacancy advertisement attracts hundreds if not thousands of applications, and somehow, the recruiting panel has to come with a shortlist for the interview. The first group for elimination would, therefore, be the lot that did not include a cover letter in their application-straight into the trash pile for shredding. Make sure that all your applications have a cover letter even if the advertisement did not explicitly request for one; this simple inclusion pulls you closer to being among the shortlisted candidates.

  1. Poorly formatted CV

A poorly formatted CV is an eyesore to the screening panel. Formatting is one of the essential technical elements of CV writing. Recruiters assume that a candidate with a poorly formatted CV is not keen on standards. A poorly formatted CV also communicates the candidate’s inability to research. Nobody would want such a candidate in their team. Ensure that you format your CV correctly before submitting.

  1. General resume content

Content is king, and in your CV, the content should show how knowledgeable you are with the responsibilities of the post that you seek. For example, when perusing through applicants CVs for an opening in sales executive, recruiters would be looking for your unique achievements and your knowledge. Do not list obvious things about sales, tell them why you are most deserving of the position.

Observing these three changes in your future applications could be the difference between you and your next job interview. Contact CV Guru for more consultation on your resume presentation.





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